Spa Manicure Services​

  1. Basic Manicure
    $ 12
    a. Soak hands b. Polish removal c. Cut and shaping of cuticles and nails d. Massage hands and arms with warm moisturizing lotion e. Finished with polish or buffed nails
  2. Deluxe Spa Manicure includes Basic Manicure Plus:
    $ 20
    a. Nail oil care treatment b. Exfoliation scrub of hands and arms c. Apply dry skin moisturized treatment d. Warm towel wraps e. Apply professional hand care lotion and massage f. Regenerating skin cell deep with paraffin wax treatment

 Spa Pedicure Services

Basic Spa Pedicure     $25

European Spa Pedicure     $30

Diamond Spa Pedicure     $32

Soak feet in warm water with soothing sea salts. Polish removal.  Cut and shaping of cuticles and toe nails.  Apply callus treatment to remove dead skin.  Massage with lotions feet, calves, and legs. Finish with luxury polish.
Includes Basic Spa Pedicure Plus: Exfoliating skin with scrub of European sea salts.  Apply menthol mask from toes to knee.  Warm towel wrap of feet to knees.  Smooth application of professional foot lotion and massage. Soothing application of oils and massage.
European Spa Pedicure Plus:  Use of OPI products.

Hot Stone European Spa Pedicure      $35

Herbal Spa Pedicure     $40

Deluxe Spa Pedicure     $40

European Spa Pedicure Plus:  Hot Stones Massage combined to relieve stress and create the most relaxing of spa experiences.
​​Diamond Spa Pedicure Plus:   Herbal Massage   (20 minutes) .
Premium herbal fragance of choice with deep moisturizing of skin and aromatic sensation.
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European Spa Pedicure Plus: Regenerating skin cell with pariffin wax treatment​.

Jelly Spa Pedicure      $50

Individual Pedicure Extras:

European Spa Pedicure Plus:  choice of premium jelly soak fragrance, Soothing soak of feet and legs with jelly in warm water
Exfoliating to remove dead skin and moisturizing with Herbal Massage.

  • Add hot stone massage     $7
  • Add paraffin wax     $5
  • Add herbal massage       $5
  • Add Jelly soak (15 minutes) with massage     $15